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Introducing HyperMink System-1 USB

Introducing HyperMink System-1 USB
HyperMink System-1 USB
No internet required; simply plug in and start chatting with HyperMink GPT.

A single device compatible with Mac and Windows; it's as convenient as carrying your keys. Imagine having the entire knowledge of humankind in your pocket, accessible without the need for internet.

System-1 is compatible with many open-source LLMs out there, and we've made it simple to fetch new models anytime with just a click of a button.

HyperMink System-1 Dashboard

Tired of restrictive office laptops, or little to no free space on your desktop?

Well, no more! HyperMink System-1 USB does not require any sort of installation; it simply utilises your computer's resources (RAM and CPU) when in use.

Due to our limited workshop capacity, System-1 USB units will be available in small batches.

HyperMink System-1 USB


Compatible with macOS & Windows

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